What We Do

We are a team of technologists and business process experts helping our customers tackle their most complex projects and build amazing digital solutions.

Business First. Technology Powered.

Rappid helps plan, build and launch digital solutions utilizing the power of code free technologies.

With our proven delivery methodology and framework we collaborate with innovative companies to digitize manual processes, modernize legacy systems and develop scalable internal tools.

Our Services

Strategy & Advisory
Whether you already have an implementation in mind or are just beginning your journey, our team will help craft your long-term strategy and transformation roadmap.
Platform / Technology Selection
Solution & Architectural Design
Technical Assessment & Audit
Development & Technology
Solve your complex business problems through the use of low code solutions. Our proven processes and robust toolset minimize risk by not requiring programming skills, custom hardware or custom software development.
Fractional CTO
Flexible Team
System Automation
Project Support
Our customers consistently achieve project success quickly without struggling through the typical development challenges experienced in traditional projects, reducing the burden on engineering teams.
Dedicated Project Manager
Development Support
Center of Excellence Assistance

Our Methodology

Discover & Plan

We listen.

The foundation of every project starts with listening & understanding your business. During a series of collaborative workshops we will partner with all relevant stakeholders to understand your pain points in order to plan for the next phases of your project.
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Solution & Build

We Build.

We start this phase by first ensuring our aligned understanding of the proposed solution in the form of project documentation. Once confirmed, we start the build immediately and iterate over any unknowns together during frequent and transparent touch points.

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Build Progress
Release & Refine

We Iterate.

We iteratively release and demo to the project team constantly validating the solution and collecting feedback. During this time we also capture and prioritize future improvements and features.  

Your team will begin interacting with the solution from the start of this phase which provides us with a steady stream of context feedback, reduces project risks, and ensures high adoption.
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Launch & Support

We Launch.

Release to the broader user base after training and change management. Support: Ensure high user adoption through support and fast implementation of any prioritized features post launch. Answer questions as they arise.
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Knowledge Transfer & Hand-off

We Empower.

We provide a deep-dive into the solution, leverage project artifacts, and leave you with a holistic understanding of the solution we have built together.
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We Partner.

Move forward through your technical journey with Rappid. Lean on Rappid as a center of excellence for future project implementations, empower your end users, and build a strategy around low code and automation platforms.
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