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Rappid is a certified Retool Partner ready to assist you with your next project. As Retool experts, we have the skills iin utilizing the Retool platform, a low-code tool for building internal tools and applications. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of Retool's features, enabling us to create efficient and customized solutions, streamline workflows, and optimize business processes with expertise and precision.

Retool is a powerful, fast, and low-code way to build internal tools. Build admin panels, database front ends, automations and workflows which connect directly to nearly any data source including spreadsheets (e.g., google sheets, airtable), databases (e.g., firebase, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL) or Rest Api (e.g., Slack, Plaid, Stripe). Leveraging drag-and-drop functionality and JavaScript or SQL when you need it, retool apps are built quickly and iteratively.  

RAPPID is the go-to Retool expert you need for your next project. We are a certified retool partner and experts in Retool low code development.

Retool Partner
Retool Low Code - Strategy & Advisory

Whether you already have a specific use case in mind or are just beginning your journey, our team of Retool Consultants will help you craft a long-term strategy and digital transformation roadmap. We are a recognized retool partner. Visit our Low Code Strategy section on our website to learn more about this process.

Retool Development & Technology

Solve your complex business problems through the use of retool low-code development platform. Our proven processes, robust toolset and low-code expertise minimize your risk by not requiring specific programming skills, expensive hardware or custom development. Leverage our experience and use cases, suite of retool apps, pre-existing internal tools and templates to allow your organization to be flexible and deliver complex solutions immediately through a cloud offering or your on premise environment.

Retool Expert - Support & Project Management

Our customers consistently achieve project success quickly without struggling through the typical challenges experienced in traditional projects, reducing the burden on engineering, product, and operational teams.

Retool Applications Architected and Developed.
Customer Solutions Successfully Implemented

How does Rappid work with Retool?

Rappid has been utilizing Retool as one of our primary platforms since we started and we’re proud to be recognized as one of their agency partners. As a retool partner, we stay current on Retool’s product roadmap of new features, exciting use cases, and any tutorials related to the platform.

As a Retool Agency, we have built a variety of custom apps and internal tools including customer support portals, onboarding applications, even full scale SaaS products. Whether you’re single employee Startup or an Enterprise with a team of software engineers there is more than likely a pain point in one of your processes and Retool can help close that gap.

Successful Implementations

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