Low-code platforms enabled us to rapidly create a centralized system that collects key clinical and financial data.

Customer Success Story
Healthcare, Life Sciences

The Challenge

Vial tried several different systems that had some success but did not deliver on their core requirements. They were looking for a solution that could integrate their old systems into one platform and provide them with the data they needed to run their business efficiently and support the business on a larger scale. At times, Vial found that its existing tools were not able to meet the organization's key business requirements and were not flexible enough for their specific needs. With multiple clinic and operation locations across the country, the team required a solution that could support a variety of different systems and consolidate processes.

This meant that the company had to look for an alternative that would offer them what they needed as well as help them achieve their goals of streamlining operations, removing redundant processes and increasing efficiency through automation.

The Solution

With the collaboration of Vial’s Product, Marketing, and Operations team, Rappid set out to build a customized Clinical Tracking Management System (CTMS).

Low-code platforms enabled us to rapidly create a centralized system that collects key clinical and financial data, which fits the dynamic business requirements and needs. As such the team developed a robust data platform integrating third party APIs, data warehouses and transactional systems that enabled Vial to run clinical trials faster and more efficiently. The CTMS platform aggregated real-time data across multiple sources through APIs and data synchronization processes. As a result of these efforts, the team constructed insightful dashboards and automated workflows that powered marketing operations as well as end-of-month financing activities.

The Results

The launch of the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), VialConnect, gave Vial a solid foundation upon which to scale and propel its clinical operations. With one solution engineer in a matter of couple months, Rappid was able to develop a robust solution. The system made it possible for Vial to make strategic decisions based on critical data with greater ease now that it is more accessible. This enabled the company to streamline workflows and improve data quality. In less than a month, the system quickly scaled to 50,000+ records, and continues to exponentially.

Tina Jiang
GM Patients Experience @ Vial