The feedback sessions helped us shape our initial build criteria into the tool that we now use daily.

Customer Success Story
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Retool, MongoDB, S3 Buckets

Mor is an NYC-based startup reinventing the calendar into a world of connectivity through experiences. They have developed the easiest way to turn everyday activities and curated happenings into real world events for your friends, family & extended communities to be apart of; be inspired or inspire others to live a life well-deserved, a well-balanced life.

"We came into it with a pretty clear idea of what we would expect as success criteria for how this tool could be used daily within our internal team. Zach & Matt were able to quickly take that initial criteria, match it to existing retool components and to turn it into something we could quickly grow from. The feedback sessions helped us shape our initial build criteria into the tool that we now use daily."

Kyle Goldfarb
COO @ Mor

The Challenge.

Mor was looking for a tool to help them manage their catalog data of curated activities, which they can bring directly into your calendar. In order to support this data requirement they were looking to transition from their existing Airtable database to a tool that would offer bi-directional integrations to manage the data within their production MongoDB Database in a more relational manner.

The Solution.

A custom CMS was built using Retool and integrated with their existing MongoDB Database. The primary goal of this project was to enable relational interactions with their data in an intuitive and efficient way. Related data was grouped and displayed via tabs while reusable modules were created to enable users to quickly insert new and update existing records across the application.  The initial version of the application is focused on internal users however it's been designed to support item-level permissions using retool's built-in user object .

The Results.

Our Rappid solution provides Mor a way to manage its data without requiring any technical expertise. Users can be trained on the application within minutes and immediately start contributing to the experiences central to Mor's core business.