MainStreet processed more clients and in fewer hours than ever before, with a transparent, auditable, agile solution.

Customer Success Story
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Google BigQuery, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Sheets

The Challenge

MainStreet saves their clients thousands of dollars through tax credits and other deductions.  After intake, a multi-step customer journey including qualification, classification, review and filing occurs.  This journey is supported by tax and accounting experts to discover and award specific tax credits. Client outreach could occur at multiple points through this journey and may not be linear.  Moving customers through tax processing can be difficult as it requires orchestration of numerous groups working in various time zones and locations.


The Solution

Reviewing MainStreet’s existing workstreams & tools enabled us to document their process and implement a minimum viable guided workflow quickly. We listened and understood the need for a flexible, easy to change solution. New requirements for improvements from end users were prioritized then executed weekly.  Any changes to tax credit requirements were implemented quickly. The ability to augment the data model of core systems without changing them was critical.  Oftentimes, key tax filing details are captured from client interaction or calculated worksheets outside of core systems but don’t have a centralized home.  Computations for tax requirements were often executed without complete transparency to all team members working on a client.  Attributes critical to understanding which tax credits a client may be eligible for were buried in surveys and intake forms requiring programmatic parsing to quickly classify & action the client, routing them to the right person at the right time during the filing process.

A web-based dashboard and workflow with record level status control was moved into production quickly.  Frequent light touch working sessions between Rappid and key stakeholders at MainStreet enabled adjustments to routing and incorporation of calculations for tax law directly into the tool and out of excel.  Asynchronous template driven requirement collection, refinement, and testing reduced burden on team members.  Working transparently and with complete ownership of their intellectual property, MainStreet is always learning and improving.


The Results

With one solution engineer and a developer MainStreet moved into production in less than two months.  MainStreet processed more clients and in fewer hours than ever before, with a transparent, auditable, agile solution.  They were able to quickly consolidate working teams and reduce process steps with automatic routing and workflow and expose all data points into one view.  Automated and centralized customer outreach streamlined customer communications.  Reporting with drill through integrations reduced operation overhead to produce reports. Throughout the tax year this agile solution was refined and continues to adjust to any change brought forward by tax law or internal tooling.