Why Choose Retool?

Why Choose Retool?

One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to low-code development from traditional software development is choosing the right platform to address your business needs. Pricing, data integration, and use cases are just a few factors to consider when researching low-code development platforms.

Retool is beneficial for startups and enterprise companies that must swiftly build internal tools and applications and combine data across platforms. With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, graphic user interface, and pre-coded UI components, Retool makes app development quick and easy for technical users to update and customize features of your application through coding languages like JavaScript and SQL.

As a partner of Retool, Rappid offers a team of experts to help you get the most out of Retool's use cases and unique features.

This article will answer the following questions as you consider if Retool is the right platform for your business: what use cases does Retool offer? What can companies build using Retool? What are some of the benefits of Retool? How can Rappid help companies make the most of Retool?

What Use Cases Does Retool Offer?

Offering over 100 use cases for 14 different industries, Retool is a great low-code development platform for startups or other businesses seeking low-code solutions. From automating business workflows to improving customer service, there are any number of solutions businesses can implement with Retool's use cases. Plus, with the pre-programmed templates, developers can develop, customize, and deploy business applications within days or weeks.

For example, Retool offers a startup runway dashboard for startups to track and calculate expenses; this use case integrates seamlessly with cloud collaboration services like Airtable so that the application will automatically extract and calculate the information from your bank account.

Retool also offers a use case to track KPIs and metrics and an experiment tracking tool. Both use cases are an excellent resource for startups to keep track of business growth instead of wasting precious time calculating everything by hand.

Other available use cases are customer support dashboards, transportation logistics trackers, event management tools, and more.

What Can Companies Build Using Retool?

With Retool, companies can build mobile apps, web apps, and other workflows.

For example, companies can build a sales development dashboard through Retool's use cases to consolidate sales information and automate business workflows. Retool also offers use cases to optimize customer apps and create a more satisfying experience for end users.

Retool is also excellent for building internal CRUD apps, web frontends, and custom internal tools.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Retool?

While no-code development platforms focus more on accessibility for citizen developers, Retool is specifically beneficial to technical users who are more accustomed to programming languages. Retool makes it easy to make and test prototypes and iterate them swiftly. Retool is an excellent choice for businesses needing more internal apps and flexibility for custom apps.

The following are some of the other unique benefits that Retool offers:

Built-In Audit Logs

Retool's built-in audit log provides analytics for how your business uses the low-code application system. Some of the information logged includes failed attempts to log in, file downloads, system updates, and more. Audit logs are an excellent tool to ensure your business complies with industry standards like CIS or SOC 2. They are also beneficial for troubleshooting problems with the system, examining security breaches, and providing legal evidence when necessary.

Custom SSO

Retool offers a Custom SSO feature that allows businesses to integrate an IdP to enable login and role mapping through protocols like SAML, Open ID, and LDAP.

Custom SSO improves user experience, simplifies integration, and makes your systems more secure.

Advanced Security Features

Compliant with SOC 2 Type II, Retool offers optimal security, with features like built-in authentication and role-based access control. This is especially useful for startups or businesses that rely on remote teams. This helps secure data and customer information, especially when your business is audited for safety and security.

Self-Hosting Capability

Retool allows users to host on their existing platforms, such as Docker Compose or Helm. This is particularly beneficial for startups who run their business on an existing platform and want to expand without starting from scratch.

API Integrations

Retool can integrate with popular APIs like Stripe and Google Sheets so programmers can collaborate with and access various data sources.

Compatibility with JavaScript

Retool allows developers to use JavaScript to perform CRUD operations or to write queries to create, read, update, or delete data. For example, suppose your business uses Retool for an admin dashboard. In that case, you can input a query using JavaScript to organize a list of customers under specific criteria.

How Can Rappid Help Companies Make the Most of Retool?

If Retool seems like the right low-code platform for your business, but you are still determining the next steps, Rappid can help.

As a Retool Partner, Rappid offers expertise in developing and deploying applications with Retool's low-code platform. Rappid will help you determine what you need for your business to grow and thrive, develop a low-code solution strategy, and implement that strategy by helping you design, deploy, and maintain an application through Retool's development platform.


Retool is an excellent low-code development platform for startups or businesses that need to combine data across platforms and swiftly develop internal applications. With pre-programmed, customizable building blocks, developers can swiftly build applications using the simple drag-and-drop functionality while seeing the application being built in real-time.

Along with the typical benefits of low-code development, Retool offers unique benefits like self-hosting, custom SSO, built-in audit logs, and advanced security.

Rappid offers a team of experts to help you make the most of Retool's benefits and transition from traditional code tools to low-code solutions. Building apps through Retool is significantly more efficient through Rappid's expert assistance.

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