What Problems Does Retool Solve?

What Problems Does Retool Solve?

You may consider making the transition from traditional development to low-code development. Or, your business is already operating on low-code solutions, but you are looking for a different platform to address specific challenges your business is facing in software development.

Retool might be the best platform to optimize your business workflow and address your unique challenges. Excellent for building internal applications and combining data across platforms, Retool offers various benefits that address some of the most common problems businesses face in digital transformation. Startups and enterprise companies can benefit from Retool's approach to low-code solutions.

As a partner with Retool, Rappid can help you make the most of Retool's assets by helping you strategize a development plan to address your business's unique challenges.

What is Retool in a Nutshell?

Retool Low Code is a development platform specializing in helping developers build internal tools and applications and mobile and web apps.

Retool provides over 100 use cases through a visual drag-and-drop functionality and pre-coded UI components that allow programmers to build internal apps swiftly and efficiently while visualizing the app they are building in real-time. Retool is also compatible with coding languages like JavaScript, so programmers can write queries, design actions, and customize features of their applications.

With Retool, businesses can develop internal CRUD operations, custom internal tools, admin panels, web frontends, and applications to automate business workflows.

What Challenges Can Retool Address?

Prolonged Development Time

Creating an app can take months to years to develop and deploy with traditional development. With pre-coded building blocks, developers can quickly assemble applications without the time-consuming process of coding each feature by hand. With development time cut into a fraction, project managers no longer have to place more strain on their development team to meet deadlines or compromise on important features or details of an application.

Tech Debt

One of the most pressing challenges traditional development presents is accruing tech debt. When developing an app with standard coding, features of an application are often inextricably linked through different lines of code, which means changing one line of code can affect any number of features and lead to excessive technical debt. This leaves little room for changes or updates during the development process.

With Retool, developers can change existing features or add new ones without needing to backtrack and edit excessive existing code.


One of the concerns businesses have when considering a low-code development platform is whether or not the platform will integrate with their existing systems. Retool integrates with  Relational Databases, APIs and services such as Google Sheets, Stripe, and Twilio, allowing programmers to access different data sources.


Ensuring optimal security is one of the most pressing and pertinent concerns when running a business. Retool addresses security concerns with features like built-in authentication and role-based access control. Developers can focus on creating applications without hand-coding security features that often have many weaknesses.

Complex Coding

While Retool is a low-code development platform geared toward technically-minded developers familiar with coding languages, citizen developers and business users can still collaborate with developers to create applications through its accessible visual format. Skilled developers can bypass complicated code by compiling pre-coded building blocks and customizing features with JavaScript, Python, or SQL.

Developers can quickly and easily create, test, and iterate prototypes through Retool.

High Costs

With quicker, more accessible development, there is no need to funnel excessive cash towards a large team of professional developers. Plus, with quicker development, businesses can deploy applications sooner and gain revenue from increased productivity much quicker. Retool offers affordable custom pricing packages so that you pay for what your business needs.


As your business grows, your digital solutions should evolve with it. While traditional coding often compromises development time and scalability, Retool offers scalable use cases that are deployable to on-premises, or cloud allowing you to self-host.

How Can Rappid Help Businesses Use Retool to Address Problems in Application Development?

As a partner with Retool, Rappid offers a team of experts to help you and your development team understand how Retool's assets can specifically address the unique challenges your business is facing in app development.

Rappid will help you strategize low-code solutions for your business goals, implement those strategies, and assist your development team in the life cycle of your application.

Through Rappid, businesses can optimize their time and resources even more efficiently by simplifying the time-consuming process of familiarizing your team with Retool's low-code development platform. Plus, with Rappid's expertise, your development team does not have to discover the tips and tricks of Retool's assets the hard way.


Retool is a low-code development platform optimal for building internal applications and integrating data. Programmers can build mobile apps, web applications, and more through pre-coded building blocks in a visual development environment.

Retool addresses various challenges developers face in application development, such as prolonged development time, tech debt, integration, security, complex coding, high costs, and scalability.

Rappid can help businesses utilize Retool to address the most common problems faced in software development and more unique ones. With expert knowledge of Retool's features and assets, Rappid can help you materialize your ideas and face your businesses' challenges with low-code solutions.

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