How Do Enterprise Companies Use Retool?

How Do Enterprise Companies Use Retool?

With Retool rising over the last six years, many enterprise companies are discovering ways to improve their productivity and optimize resources through this dynamic platform.

Companies like Rappid use Retool to assist enterprise companies with application development. With Rappid, enterprise companies can focus on their goals while relying on proficient builders to develop and maintain quality apps through a quality low-code development platform like Retool.

If you are considering investing in Rappid, you might wonder: what is Retool? What are the critical features of Retool? What are the benefits of using Retool or enterprise companies? How does Rappid use Retool?

What Is Retool?

Retool is a low-code development platform that allows programmers to easily and quickly develop internal apps, internal tools, and workflows through drag-and-drop components. Through Retool, you can make admin dashboards, database GUIs, and connect to data sources. Retool also allows developers to automate complex business processes.

Unlike other no-code or low-code platform tools, Retool was built for programmers familiar with writing in JavaScript and SQL. Retool is not as accessible to business users without some pre-existing coding knowledge. However, this software benefits developers immensely by cutting back on the tedious coding required for most developers to build an application while offering professionally designed templates and modularization features.

What Are the Key Features of Retool?

Retool offers vital features that make them stand out when considering the differences between different low-code platforms.

Extensive Library of Pre-Built UI Components

With an extensive library of pre-built UI components, users can easily use the drag-and-drop functionality to develop web applications without coding every building block by hand.

Customizable User Interface

While plenty of pre-built UI components are available through Retool, developers are not restricted by these building blocks, as each can be customized through a JavaScript code editor.

Database Integration

With Retool’s database integration, users can access and change data from within the application, decreasing the risk of data loss or breaches in security. Retool is also capable of integrating with APIs and other third-party services.

Various Deployment Options

Applications developed through Retool can be deployed to both on-premises and cloud servers at scale, allowing for various use cases.

Vertical Platform

Retool offers a breadth of features and functionalities from backend databases (Retool Database), a customizable business logic layer (Retool Workflows), a mobile app builder (Retool Mobile), a native email provider (Retool Email), 100s of native integrations to 3rd party tools all complimentary of Retool’s core visual user interface designer.

What Are the Benefits of Using Retool for Enterprise Companies?

Increase in Productivity

Retool’s pre-built building blocks allow developers to develop web applications in a fraction of the time it would take to build them by hand. Programmers can develop countless productivity use cases through Retool’s existing UI components, like shipping processing dashboards, virtual healthcare dashboards, customer notification systems, etc. With such a range of options and quick deployment, enterprise companies can implement use cases within days to weeks of requesting them.  


With Retool, developers are not restricted to the existing building blocks. Through Retool’s Javascript code editor, developers can customize the building blocks to develop solutions for use cases more tailored to your company’s needs.  

For example, suppose your company needs a tool to manage customer data. In that case, your developers can program a tool that integrates with your CRM system, showing a unified view of customer interactions on multiple channels. This will ultimately improve your customer support while maintaining data and proper documentation.

Communication and Collaboration

Through Retool’s platform, support teams can take advantage of the shared platform by contributing to the development and seeing others’ contributions in real time. Team members can also program a custom tool that will centralize tasks, deadlines, and other pertinent information in one place to optimize communication and workflow.

Better Security  

With Retool’s granular permission control, administrators can decide who can access different tools. This keeps sensitive data safe while keeping your internal processes running smoothly. Retool can also integrate with popular databases, making managing data securely much easier and more efficient. For example, your developers can create a custom tool that integrates with your existing accounting software to keep track of your company’s finances.

How Does Rappid Use Retool?

Rappid uses Retool low code solutions to assist enterprise companies in addressing their specific needs.

Rappid can help implement pre-existing strategies or assist in troubleshooting and developing long-term strategies for your company. Once a plan is confirmed, Rappid gets to develop the custom application necessary to solve your business problems.

By relying on Rappid to manage development challenges, companies can reduce the burden on engineering teams and see results much quicker.

Conclusion: How Do Enterprise Companies Use Retool?

Retool is a low-code development tool allowing developers to swiftly build internal and enterprise applications through a graphic user interface and drag-and-drop interface.

Some critical features of Retool include pre-built UI components, a customizable user interface, database integration, and various deployment options. Using Retool can lead to many benefits, including increased productivity, better customization, improved communication and collaboration, and better security.

Rappid uses Retool to troubleshoot business problems and implement low-code solutions with long-term strategies in mind.


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