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We specialize in helping organizations turn ideas into software with high-performance low-code tools like Retool. We are the low-code experts and will empower your organization!
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“Low-code platforms enabled us to rapidly create a centralized system that collects key clinical and financial data, which fits the dynamic business requirements and needs.”
Tina Jiang
GM - Patients Experience @ Vial

No matter the size or scale,
Rappid solutions are tailored to you.


Regardless of your structure, business process bottlenecks shift the focus of your most valuable resources. See how we've worked across organizations of all types and sizes to implement best-in-class technologies enabling teams to deliver more value through automation and business process efficiencies.


With an extensive background across industries, we enable our customers to achieve project success quickly. Using our experience and a consistent project management methodology we help remove organizational silos and deliver low-code solutions without the engineering burden and headaches of traditional software development.

What's our Impact?
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Browse our customer case studies to get an idea of the everyday business problems we optimize using the best low-code technologies.
Our marketplace is an ever growing showcase of our best apps. Use one of our examples as the foundation to solve your business problems or let us build you a custom application from scratch.
See a sample of the  many Low-Code Platforms, Web Service APIs, and Workflow providers which we have real-life functional experience working with.
"Rappid was critical in the design, build, and deployment of our initial products at Vial. Rappid is detailed oriented and incredibly fast, we would recommend them to anyone."
Tina Jiang
GM - Patients Experience @ Vial
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