Engagement options for any low code need

We've designed our pricing to be as flexible as the low code tools we use. No matter what your use case, we can tailor an engagement fit.
Solution Architect on every build
Knowledge Transfer at Go-Live
Iteration starting from Day 1


A Rappid expert is ready to build apps, features, integrations, debug, QA (pretty much anything related to low-code) on a request by request basis.
Benefits include:
No Ongoing Commitment
Self-Managed Project Board
No Unnecessary Calls
On-Call Expert
Full App Builds


Know what you need and need it fast? With Accelerate your app is ready to test and deploy in two weeks.
Benefits include:
Pre-Build Workshop
Daily Standups
Application development
Knowledge Transfer

Full Service

Partner engagements can last weeks or months at a time. They are customized to your project Needs
Available Offerings
Full Applications
Capacity Planning
Fractional CTO Services
Best Practice Guidance